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Human genes are one of the main factors that control our overall physical growth and development but they are not the only factor. Other parameters like our life style, our food habits, and our level of physical exercise also play an important part in our physical growth and development. 

Most physical developments stop or slow down after a certain age: men—25, women—21. But then what can we do to maximize our growth and physical development in before this crucial age? What can we do to ensure that we have proper intake of all the required Vitamins and Minerals? To address this concern, Shop click online in collaboration with its GMP certified manufacturing partner XGen Herbal Life Science, brings this ayurvedic supplement GROWTH UP Body Growth.

Though you have to manage your own work outs the herbs present in GROWTH UP body growth formula helps to provide us the ideal combination of Minerals and Vitamins.

The herbs present in GROWTH UP body growth like Ashwagandha and Halo have the potential to improve your metabolism. Increased metabolism means your body is absorbing nutrients in a better way. Please remember, GROWTH UP works best when you are eating right and doing the required physical exercise. 

One pack contains 3 jars of 150 grams each and it is meant to last for 30 days. However it is advised that GROWTH UP is consumed for 60 days. We also advise you to remember that once you are past the natural growth age, GROWTH UP shall not be able to help your body growth and development.

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